What is Electro Plating? Electro Palting is a metal finishing process which involves the transfer of chemicals over metal by the application of an electric current. This process improves the conductivity, prevents rust and corrosion.

At Ace Electro Plating we specialise in metal finishes, we offer a range of Barrel Plated, Vat Plated and Anodised Finishes.

We provide the following variety of finishes:

Bright Zinc Plating, Zinc and Yellow, Zinc and Black, Zinc and Trivalent, Zinc and Sealent (both PS100 & JS500), Zinc and Olive drab, Chemical Blacking, Bright Nickel Plate, Dull Nickel Plate, Various Anodising, Alochrome 1000 and 1200, Phosphate Zinc and Mangenese, Tin, Copper, Bronze, Stainless Steel Cleaning, Chrome, Degreasing and De-embrittle-ment.

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